Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Restore Your Faith In Humanity

I love what I study. I love everything about it. 
It can get difficult and depressing pretty easily, however. 

The sad reality is that their is tons of negativity in our beautiful and rapidly globalizing world. Stats on poverty, diseases rates, genocides, corrupt bureaucracies, nefarious governments, human rights violations, consequences of extreme capitalism,... to more specified issues like sex-selective abortion, child soldier use or sweat shops,... the list is nearly endless.

I am reminded of the worlds serious challenges on a daily basis in my studies. As someone who is so committed to making a career in the realm of development, I can't help but feel a certain amount of responsibility and by extension of that hopelessness.

But their are moments when I come across something truly inspiring. 
Something filled with genuine kindness.
Something that puts the "humane" aspect back into "humanitarianism".
Something that stands out, metaphorically, as a diamond in the rough and brings me hope.

This video is one of those things.
Please, please watch.

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